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rosemary.jpg"My name is Rosemary. I am the founder of TileUlwazi, a complete product solution for cleaning and maintaining ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone surfaces."

"TileUlwazi provides start-to-finish tile care solutions to make it easy for you to clean tiled surfaces correctly and avoid that dull tired look."

"My team and I like to make it easy to learn about tile products, their surfaces and special needs. So you will also find help on how to clean tile surfaces and information to help you choose the right tile cleaning products for your surfaces on our website. We hope this will help you find what you need quickly."

"Over the years I've formulated the TileUlwazi product range through experience and in conjunction with leading ceramic tile, porcelain tile and stone surface manufacturers. Today the result is a complete range of tile care products that give you an overall tile cleaning program that you can trust to make the maintenance routine for all your tile and stone surfaces a breeze."

Foxy Cera-Clear LR

Foxy Cera Clear LRFoxy Cera-Clear LR is a thin liquid with characteristic ammonia, citrus odour.  It contains selected solvents, detergents, wetting agents, bactericides, ammonia and penetrates, that quickly and effectively remove soils from hard surfaces, leaving them shining and dirt free, minimizing streaking, detergent and dirt residues, as well as auto scrubber wheel marks.

Foxy Cera-Clear LR Is used for cleaning of ceramic, stone, slate, marble and other hard surfaces.  It can also be used with excellent results on vinyl, enameled and other hard painted surfaces.  It removes oils, greases, soils and traffic film leaving the cleaned surfaces dirt free, shining residue free and sanitary.  It cleans without undue build up, eliminating streaking and the necessity of rinsing the cleaned surfaces.

Cem-Free - Tile Acid Cleaner

Cem-Free - Tile Acid CleanerInstallation of Tile Flooring is a messy affair. Tile glue and grouting is liberally used during the laying process and is impossible not to deposit on the surface of the tiles. The result is that vigorous cleaning is required after all the surface is tiled. However, even after the most vigorous cleaning, a common complaint is that the tiles still have a dull look when compared with a new unspoiled tile.

The reason for the dulling is a fine layer of cementitious material that becomes lodged into the surface of the tile. No amount of water or incorrect cleaning chemical will remove this cementitious residue, resulting in a dull looking floor. If these cementitious residues are not removed immediately after installation and incorrect cleaning methods are continued, it can further dull the surface. The outer edges of the tiles are the worst effected. As a result a color tone distortion can be noted between the tile centers and edges.

CEM-FREE is specially formulated to remove cementitious residue from the surface of porcelain tiles, particularly dry mineralised types. CEM-FREE is best used directly after installation, but can also be used on older floor surfaces where initial cleaning and removal of cementitious residue was incorrectly done. CEM-FREE will also remove lime, rust, urine & general dirt. CEM-FREE is however acidic and should therefore not be used on surfaces like marble. Once a tiled surface is cleaned with CEM-FREE, the tiles should be maintained with CLEAN EEZY ; or in the case of Black Porcelain, BLACK EEZY is recommended

Clean Eezy - A Superb Cleaner - Degreaser

Clean Eezy - A Superb Cleaner - Degreaser Tile cleaning is an ongoing task that must be performed using the correct tile cleaning method and correct tile cleaning chemicals. Incorrect use of cleaning methods and cleaning chemicals is the number one reason why many tiles fade or present a discolored look.

Most cleaning liquids leave a residue on the tile surface that acts as an absorbent film pad that captures dust and dirt. The eventual result is a dull film image on the surface of the tile that gives the tile a dirty or faded and discolored look.

CLEAN EEZY is a detergent/degreasing compound that maintains porcelain tiles without build up. The result is a clean tile surface that is easy to maintain and does not fade or discolor. CLEAN EEZY is best used for maintenance of newly installed tile floors after having removed all cementitious residue with CEM-FREE .

Black Eezy - A Superb Cleaner for Dark Porcelain Tiles

BLACK EEZY TILE CLEANERBlack Porcelain tiles look stunning but can be a problem to keep clean. Constant use of regular cleaning liquids, even most tile cleaning products, render the floor difficult to keep clean. Over time the floor starts to dull, losing the sheen and shine it had directly after installation.

The reason for this is that most cleaning liquids either contain too much ammonia or too strong a concentration of pH and residues that contain flaxens. These compounds settle and build-up on the tile surface. Once build-up occurs the residues then start acting as an absorbent film pad that captures dust and dirt. The captured particles remain fixed in the residue film and cannot easily be removed using traditional cleaning liquids. Continued incorrect cleaning further increases the problem such that the eventual result is a dull film image on the surface of the tile; most pronounced on black polished porcelain.

BLACK EEZY is specially formulated for maintenance cleaning of Black Porcelain. Continued use of BLACK EEZY on a newly installed Black Porcelain floor prevents residual build-up. It's unique compound composition is designed to remove and prevent build-up on the tile surface to ensure that the Black Porcelain shine always looks as new.

Natural Stone Wash - A Speciality Cleaner

Natural Stone Wash - A Speciality CleanerMarble, Granite and Travetine surfaces are highly susceptible to abrasive and corrosive substances.

NATURAL STONE WASH effectively removes dirt and grime from marble, travertine and granite without any detrimental effects.

NATURAL STONE WASH can be used as both an initial cleaner or a maintenance cleaner simply by diluting with greater or lesser amounts of water.

Natural Stone Eezy - Penetrating Sealer for Natural Stone

Natural Stone Eezy - Penetrating Sealer for Natural StoneNatural stone surfaces are absorbent and therefore prone to staining by water and oil. Once absorbed restoration of the natural surface to its' original look is difficult. The solution to preserving the Natural Stone surface is to use a sealer. However, most sealers reside on the surface of the stone and therefore significantly alter and detract from the look and feel of the stone.

NATURAL STONE-EEZY is a “below the surface” sealer that penetrates the stone surface so preserving the natural look and feel of the Natural Stone surface with minimal alteration of the natural color. When applied on a clean surface it bonds to the stone and acts as a repellent to prevent contaminants from absorbing.

NATURAL STONE-EEZY is recommended for use directly after installation following cleaning with CLEAN-EEZY and allows the stone to exhale in order to release moisture. This helps avoid trapping of salt which typically rises to the surface of new or recently installed natural stone surfaces.