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Tile Acid Cleaner

Cem-Free is a red, concentrated acid cleaner formulated to remove mineral deposits, rust stains, efflorescence, soap scum, lime deposits and grout smears from acid-resistant tiles, masonry surfaces and bricks.

Directions for Use

  • Always test a small area prior to use.
  • The dilution ratio can be used neat or diluted 1:5 water depending on nature of the cleaning task.
  • Apply solution and allow to react for 1-3 minutes, do not allow solution to dry on the surface.
  • Agitate with brush and rinse well with water to ensure removal of excess acid.

After laying floor tiles

Residues of mortar, grout or polishing particles are always present on the surface of tiles, though they may be invisible to the naked eye.  These residues will absorb dirt thus giving you the impression that your floor is hard to clean.  Particularly with

unpolished porcelain tiles.  These residues must be dissolved and accurately removed.  Remember, the longer the residue is left on the surface of tiles, the more energetic and vigorous cleaning must be.


  • Highly Acidic and Corrosive
  • Operators should wear protective clothing and eye shields.
  • Splashes on skin should be rinsed off with water, washed with soap and water, and lanolin based cream applied.
  • Splashes in the eyes should be immediately rinsed with water, and medical attention should be obtained.
  • Do not mix with bleaches or ammoniated products as a toxic gas is liberated.
  • Do not use on marble, granite or other calcium carbonate based tiles or Copper and aluminium.

Packaging and Storage

Cem-Free is available in 1Lt, 5lt and 25lt polycans.



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